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SSLC Biology Focus Area Study Materials (English medium & Malayalam Medium)

The global pandemic disease has reshaped the classroom transaction method by bringing into the active interference of Technology. It has just made it common to handle classes to students online only.

Study materials in Biology based on the focus area published by the SCERT for the SSLC students are shared here.

Class 10 SSLC Biology Study Notes & Model Question Paper

1. Sensations and Responses 
2. Windows of Knowledge 
3. Chemical Messages for Homeostasis 
4. Keeping Diseases Away 
5. Soldiers of Defense 
6. Unravelling Genetic Mysteries 
7. Genetics of the Future 
8. The Paths Traversed by Life
The Class 10 Biology study notes in PDF format can be downloaded from the link below.

Focus Area - Study materials

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